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  • About April Smith

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    My Story

    Hello! I am April Smith (she/her).  I’m originally from Arizona. My family moved to CA when I was nine.  I lived in CA for 15 years.  I’ve been with my hubby for 32 years. We met as undergraduates at UC Davis. I have two children and a very sweet dog. I have been working in healthcare for decades. I worked as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (aka acupuncturist) for 20 years and now I am a licensed clinical mental health counselor.  I moved to North Carolina in 2014 with my family. 

    I went back to school to get my Masters in Mental Health Clinical Counseling from Campbell University where I graduated with Honors and a member of Phi Kappa Phi. I have since been working at a local private practice as a psychotherapist. I decided to go out on my own to pursue helping people within my counseling niche. I am not currently practicing acupuncture. I find counseling to be very fulfilling and I personally feel that I thrive when working with people at the therapeutic psychological level.

    My Expertise

    I work with couples in a romantic relationship who are having a hard time working through things.  I find that having both of you in the room is much more effective than having just one of you in the room and then that person having to go back to their partner to explain what was discussed in session.  I see couples who have had affairs, who are thinking about breaking up, or who just want to get along better and be happy.  I really enjoy working with couples who are engaged and want to start their marriage with a strong foundation.  Pre-marital counseling is a great way to get “on the same page” prior to the wedding ceremony and can be helpful in avoiding confusion or misunderstandings later in the marriage.

    I also practice relational sex therapy.  I work with couples who have sexual intimacy issues, who are questioning their sexual identity and/or sexual orientation.  I also work with individuals who were never encouraged to explore their sexual self and lack self-confidence when it comes to sex.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.  I’m hoping every person will leave the counseling session with some new self-awareness and with new strategies about how to manage life.  I’m here to act as a support person and as a facilitator for your own self growth.  After all, we are all just trying to find our way.

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