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  • April Smith - Relationship Counselor

    Welcome to April Smith’s counseling services! If you’re seeking emotional freedom and looking to break free from a toxic relationship, you’ve come to the right place. April Smith is a professional relationship counselor based in Cary, North Carolina, offering guidance and support at all stages of romantic relationships.

    Services Offered

    Individual Counseling: Take control of your emotional well-being and explore personal growth and healing in a safe and supportive environment.

    Couples Counseling: Rebuild trust, improve communication, and foster a healthier and more fulfilling relationship with your partner.

    Premarital Counseling: Lay a strong foundation for a long-lasting relationship by understanding compatibility, addressing potential issues, and setting realistic expectations.

    Toxic Relationship Recovery: Overcome the effects of toxic relationships, heal emotional wounds, and regain your sense of self-worth and empowerment.

    Telehealth: Can’t make it to the office? April offers convenient Telehealth sessions, allowing you to receive guidance from the comfort of your own home.

    Free 15-Minute Evaluation

    April Smith provides a complimentary 15-minute evaluation to help you determine if her counseling services are the right fit for you. During this initial consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and goals, and April will provide insight into how she can support you on your journey toward emotional well-being.


    April Smith is available for counseling sessions on the following dates and times:

    • Mondays: 12pm – 7pm
    • Tuesdays: 10am – 2pm
    • Wednesdays: 10am – 3pm
    • Thursdays: 10am – 2pm
    • Fridays: 12pm – 7pm

    To schedule your free 15-minute evaluation or to book a counseling session, please use the contact information below.

    Contact Information