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  • Infidelity

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    Has one or both of you cheated on one another?

    Did you recently find out that your partner cheated on you in the past and you had no idea?

    Are you tempted to have an emotional and/or sexual relationship with someone else?

    Are you considering having an open relationship and don’t know how to navigate boundaries?


    Learning how to effectively communicate is the key to repairing any relationship.  We can work together to learn how to express ourselves so that the communication is clear and open.

    Any relationship can be healed if both partners want it to work.  Often what is needed is a facilitator and a mediator.  It may not be necessary to give up and think all is lost.  I’ve worked with couples who have healed their relationship after serious events.    Keep in mind that both partners have to be willing participants in the therapy process.  Please consider calling for a consultation.